Field recordings

In 2008, I started visiting rural singers and musicians. During those encounters, I learn local styles, discover performative contexts, record music and stories. I have returned multiple times to some of those musicians and singers, including: Dominika Czekun from the village of Stari Koni (Ukraine), singers from the village of Perebrody (Ukraine), the Czudynowycz family from Swarycewycze, singers from the village Kurczyca, the so-called Saganicha from Olmany, the late Jan Gaca from Przystałowice Małe, Stanisław Witkowski from the Opatów area, Maria Kowalik from Sędek, Maria Gałka from Orłowiny, and Barabara Michales from Ciszyca. All of them have provided me with inspiration and phenomenal material to work with. Listen to my selected field recordings below.

“Polesie Kolberga – Polesie dziś” – cz. 1

“Polesie Kolberga – Polesie dziś” – cz. 2

Watch Jagna Knittel’s films created during our trips to Polesia.