Maniucha Bikont

singer, performer, author of music, scholar of Eastern European folklore


Maniucha Bikont

Maniucha Bikont is a singer of contemporary and traditional music. She plays the tuba, accordion, and other big and small instruments. She has participated in dozens of music and theatre projects and collaborated with musicians from all over the world. More recently, she has performed in the Maniucha i Ksawery duo, played with the band Tęgie Chłopy, collaborated with Assaf Talmudi, and has taken part in the Japanese project IMA Song Lines. She performs works by contemporary composers and writes music for film and theatre. She has travelled to Europe, Asia, and North America with her music and other live performances. Her most personal album to date is Oj borom borom, co-recorded with Ksawery Wójciński. She has received numerous grants and music awards. Traditional music is her main passion – for many years, she has travelled across Central and Eastern Europe, recording songs and music.

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Maniucha Bikont
+48 510 068 426
contact person for Maniucha i Ksawery and Tęgie Chłopy:
Joanna Wiedro
+48 507 942 332